Scottish independence; vote yes and save yourself the trouble

As 2014 approaches it’s a time for Brits up and down this island (and a few on the next island for reasons of historic stupidity) to reflect on the inevitable doom that we’re facing as a nation. Not in any physical sense of course, but in the sense that one third of the island is going to send it’s elected representatives to sit in a different building to the rest of the island’s politicians. Don’t let the fact that we’re still going to be living on the same island, and driving on each others roads, and working in each other cities, and shopping at each others stores, and paying ridiculous prices for each others crap just because it looks vaguely touristy fool you into not caring. This is big.

No doubt the reactions will vary along several forms of disagreement, such as the ignorant (“If the Scots don’t want to be British then they can just fuck off out of Britain” is what I imagine they sound like) VS the straight out bizarre (such as this guy who sounds like he’s attempting to claim pre-emptive asylum). Or maybe the foaming at the mouth zealot who is outraged at the very thought that anyone would ever dare to disagree with what he thinks should happen, to those of complete indifference who are rolling their eyes so hard at the idea of forming an opinion about politics that now their world seems like an infinitely reaching spiral of rotating light and are not pleased that the opinionated are having that kind of effect of them.

Of course, the actual result would almost certainly be less of a Scandinavian style socialist utopia separated at the hip from an Anglo-Saxon style, social darwinist, corporate hell-hole as much as would be two near equally annoying governments, sharing one island and bickering like spoilt siblings over who has to pay what portion of the debt and who gets to claim how many missiles as their own. Of course both would be happy to claim the imperialist tradition when establishing their credentials, while being quick to move away from it when establishing responsibility, but lets not focus on that aspect of the debate lest someone comes off looking bad.

Assuming the majority say yes when the question is popped on the infamous date then I’m willing to place a large bet right here and now. In 14 years time I will bet that an inexplicably large minority of people will go on record as disavowing the decision to go for independence. And while many convoluted and/or weakly specific explanations will be offered up, the actual reason will be simple. Politics and government is bullshit. It’s bullshit Scandinavian style and it’s be bullshit Anglo-Saxon style. And when offered the opportunity to reminisce on bullshit that they’re not experiencing in that exact moment a lot of people will say “Yeah, actually the old stuff was better.”

So faced with this nonsense is there any manner in which a person can figure out a way to reach a right decision? Well, put simply, yes there is. The nationalists will never disappear. In fact, nationalism requires a bigger neighbour to define yourself against as a way of definitively disregarding your differences as a group, and as long as a United Kingdom exists the Scottish Nationalists will always have that. In other words the longer Scotland stays a part of the UK, the more the question will come up. Illuminated with that light is it not worth saying yes now and shutting those self important pricks up forever?


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